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AS A TEXTILE ARTIST my work is strongly influenced by the natural world, in particular sea and landscapes that change with the weather. I love walking and looking, allowing images to settle in my mind's eye. Sketching and painting outside gives me many starting points for my stitched work. Taking pictures with my eyes and creating a paper collage from the memory has been a way of freeing up the need to copy the view exactly.

Walking on the granite landscape of Dartmoor or beside the open ocean gives one an objective view and a space in the mind in which to develop ideas. Creativity is an absorbing occupation where time disappears. Making pieces that start life as a colour, a shape, a fabric or a thread and are assembled in a multitude of ways, is an engrossing process.

I like to use a variety of techniques, choosing the most appropriate for each piece of work. Machine embroidery with massed stitches can give a painterly effect. Cut shapes, pieced together and quilted produce a soft tactile three dimensional effect, and hand stitching can bring a variety of textures to a piece. Layering is a great way of creating depth and blending colour to produce an atmospheric picture.

I also use the embellishing machine - a form of dry felting with fabrics. This technique produces more impressionistic images that lend themselves to misty landscapes, wild seas or beautiful skies.

IN MY ROLE AS DANCER CHOREOGRAPHER I run regular Laban based dance classes near Bridport West Dorset through the autumn and spring terms. And once or twice a year I lead weekend workshops that encompass walking, dancing and making art. these are very creative workshops allowing people who attend to let go of their busy lives for a short while and enjoy the relaxation of focussing on dancing and making for the sheer joy of it. These weekends are called DANCING INTO ELEMENTAL ART.  Visit my WORKSHOPS AND EVENTS section for details. Please get in touch if you want to know more.





Burton Bradstock Festival Art Exhibition August 2019

Beaminster Festival Art Exhibition June 2019

JOURNEY - Joint show - Ilminster Art Centre - Sep/ Oct 2018

Blandford Museum - solo show - September 2018

Dorset Art Weeks  May/June 2008/10/12/14.16/18

Blandford Art Society Open exhibition August 2017

Burton Bradstock Art Society Open exhibition August 2017

Beaminster Festival Art Exhibition June 2017 - Won the prize for best picture in the show

Sugar Cube Gallery Bowdens Farm Ilminster

Cerne Abbas MADE IN DORSET April 2017

Broadwindsor Craft Centre, Attic Gallery

Blandford Art Society Open Exhibition 2016

Beaminster Festival Art Exhibition June 2015 - Won the prize for the visitors' favourite picture

Blandford Art Society's Open Exhibition July 2015 - Won award Best Picture by a non-member

April 2014 Drawing Inspiration, Beaminster - an exhibition linked with the AONB project encouraging People to get out and see the beautiful places that had inspired the art work

December 2013 Art and Craft Fair Ilminster

September 2013 Losing the Thread - Strummer Pink Gallery Beaminster

Winter 2012/2013 - 303 Gallery Martock Somerset

August 2012 - Meeting House Gallery, Ilminster, Somerset

July 2003 - 2012 - Beaminster Festival

August 2012 - Art@Eype, Dorset

November 2011 - Clevedon Toll House Gallery, North Somerset

Summer 2011, 2008 - Morvah Schoolhouse Gallery, West Penwith, Cornwall

November 2009, 2010 - The Exchange, Sturminter Newton, North Dorset


Salisbury Art centre; Falmouth Art Centre, Cornwall; Otterton Mill, Devon; Octagon Theatre Art Gallery, Yeovil, Somerset; Chard Gallery, Somerset; Exmouth Gallery, Devon